Derivative Lawsuit

Shareholder Derivative Lawsuit | Shareholder Derivative Attorneys

Derivative lawsuits permit a shareholder, in the name of the company, to bring an action against the parties who allegedly caused harm to the company. The third party in a derivative lawsuit is generally an insider of the corporation, such as an executive officer or director.  The derivative suit (or derivative lawsuit) protects the shareholder’s long-term interest in the company.

In a typical derivative action, a shareholder will demand that the company take steps against its officers or directors if they performed any activity that harmed the company and/or decreased its value.  Generally, this occurs when the third party failed to act in the best interest of the corporation, deprived the company of a profitable opportunity, or performed some other wrongful act or illegal activity.  If the board of directors refuses to act, the shareholder may bring a derivative lawsuit against the officers and directors.

Legal Help for Shareholder Derivative Lawsuit Claims

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